I’m officially off the  4 Cycle Solution program – not because it didn’t work (it did work), but because I felt that there was nothing more to be gained (for me, personally).  Thanksgiving threw me off – I had no semblance of will power in the kitchen.  This past weekend, I felt so entirely worn out that I was compelled to take a few days off from exercise.  In combination with a handful of other factors (one in particular, which I discuss below), I ultimately decided to regroup and plan for a new approach to fat loss and health.

I felt that my body was telling me to take some time off from workout intensity at the level imposed by 4 Cycle Solution.  I had hit a point of mental and physical exhaustion, having neither the focus or will power to grit through the workouts nor eat specific foods on a specific schedule.  Plus, I’ve since discovered how much hungrier I was (which works against the notion of dietary stringency) when performing cardiovascular intervals three times per week.

[As an aside, today I started using Weight Loss Formula No. 1 by RealDose Nutrition.  The reason for this?  Despite my 15 pounds of weight loss with the 4 Cycle Solution program, I can't seem to eliminate the remnant baggage.  My love handles just won't quit.  I now believe this to be due to cortisol, which can be an undesirable physiological side effect of stress and anxiety, from which I suffer.  Weight Loss Formula No. 1 targets specific hormones which lead to fat gain, and one of these is cortisol.  So, my primary reason for using this supplement is to suppress cortisol release to see if this is truly the source of my everlasting love handles - those suckers are like cockroaches - they just won't die!]

This does not mean that I’m “throwing out the baby with the bath water”.  Summarily, I’ve accomplished everything that the program had asserted as possible, and I did not need the last couple weeks.  Instead, my body demanded of me a stoppage from the action before the full 8 weeks had elapsed.  Perhaps the reason for this is that I had exercised fairly consistently prior to beginning the program, and I hadn’t taken time off for quite a while.

In any case, I lost a net of about 13 pounds.  My lean muscle content is great, which tells me that I probably gained a couple pounds in muscle mass while losing about 15 pounds of fat and retained water.

Meanwhile [this is extremely important], I’m entirely confounded as to what-and-how to eat.

There is so much conflicting conjecture, propaganda, fact and fiction.  Everyone has something to sell, something to promote.

More than anything, I want to be healthy, but I believe that I can be healthy on the inside while also appearing “healthy” by virtue of great muscle content and low body fat.  I just have to find the right nutritional calibrations.  As for exercise, there are a million different ways to exercise effectively.

I’m convinced that the primary variable for physical appearance is nutrition, more so than the specifics of our exercise programs.

I’m not discounting exercise.  I’m simply saying that there is much more “margin for error” in the gym than in the kitchen, in my opinion.

The primary reason for my “kitchen confusion” right now stems from a very recent book recommendation.  I purchased the book, and I’m about ready to scrap everything I thought I knew about nutrition and begin a brand new approach.


I’m just over halfway through the book, and hope to finish it today.

My objective is to have a brand new nutritional roadmap lined up, complete with a pantry-and-fridge overhaul, by the beginning of next week.

More to come soon.  I’m excited, but a bit nervous overall.  There is a lot of information (backed by years of research) in this book that flies in the face of conventional American dietary belief, so it is something of a “leap of faith”.

I feel compelled to make the change for a single, over-arching reason:

I do not feel healthy!

Even after eating as instructed, in accord with the 4 Cycle Solution program, I still don’t feel as well as I think I should.  I’m somewhat sluggish and full of aches and pains.  From what I’ve read in this book so far, I now have every reason to believe that these deficiencies are directly related to how I’ve been eating.  In fact, I’ve been eating poorly all my life because so many of my favorite foods (those that are popular in America, and even most of the recommendations of our beloved FDA) are toxic!

Again, I will report back as I continue to learn.  Meanwhile, I will continue to hit the gym (my basement) as assiduously as ever, with the intention of posting my workouts each day.

I suggest you grab a copy of this book – it may change your life too:


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