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I looked at myself in the mirror recently and literally said out loud, “When did I get fat?”.  The name of this website, “Why Am I Fat?”, asks a question common to most of us at some point in life.  Usually, I think, this occurs in the 30′s and 40′s, but it can really happen any time we wake up to the ugly reality of our personal exercise and nutrition habits.

When I was younger, I had a great metabolism.  I didn’t know how to eat properly, but it didn’t matter.  I didn’t know how to exercise with precision, but that really didn’t matter either.

Through my 20′s, I continued to exercise – mainly, lifting weights with occasional cardiovascular sprinkles.  Unfortunately, this taught certain short-sighted habits and patterns, but at least I was active.  All the while, my metabolism naturally slowed and my testosterone levels ebbed, as is natural, but I continued to eat like I did at the age of 20.  Then into my 30′s, these same patterns continued, each on its own respective trend -  slowing metabolism, un-challenging and stale exercise routines, more sedentary lifestyle and behaviors.  At the same time, I seem to have lost all will to fend off “bad food” cravings.

In a nutshell, I suddenly became aware that I was eating more while exercising less, without the help of that early-20′s metabolism.

Does this sound at all familiar?

Maybe you’re not even “fat”, per se.  By most standards, I’m not fat.  But I’m heavier than I want to be, and certainly more than is healthy.  This is more and more a consideration as I continue getting older.  My back hurts, my joints are starting to hurt, I feel lethargic and slow-witted…and I’m only 37!

Frankly, I just got sick of it.  When I had that time-stopping moment in the mirror not too long ago, I suddenly became committed to the resolution of wiping out my excess bulge at any cost or sacrifice.

I know enough about fitness and nutrition to help navigate the jam-packed universe of weight loss “programs”, “solutions”, and “gurus”.  So, I sifted and filtered until I found something that made sense to me, and appeared viable and feasible.  Moreover, I’m always alert to tips and tricks, and even supplementation, which can aid in the journey.  Even in a very disciplined frame of mind and action, I will always struggle with certain faulty tendencies of habit and with natural bodily deterioration. Happily, there are some legitimate supplements that can sustain me along the journey.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith got it right when he said, “Life’s a journey, not a destination”.

I wanted something that made sense in perpetuity, while making sense physically, psychologically, and physiologically over the long run.  It needed to be realistic and sustainable.  I wanted a system that upholds the lifestyle improvement I was aiming for.

Again, I am not shutting out the viability of other programs, and I remain open to all useful tidbits that I pick up from nutritionists and exercise specialists.  My goal was to establish a strong and enduring baseline from which to continue building myself, over time.

As of Day 9 using this particular program, I’ve lost 9 pounds (some of this is water weight, but my body has already started using belly fat for fuel – essentially making it “disappear” like a log burning up in a fireplace).  My belly does not feel bloated.  My energy levels are better.  I’m focused.  My workouts have been more productive than I’ve had in a long time.  And I’m only nine days into the program.

I didn’t intend this website to be a referendum on any particular system or program.  Rather, I mean only to share my own trials and successes while trying to relate to others seeking to improve weight and health.  My aim is still to publish advice and tips that I find useful in my own trek to improvements.  It just so happens that at this specific blip in time along the way, I’m completely sold on a single program as my baseline.

The program is called the 4 Cycle Solution by a guy named Shaun Hadsall.

I will soon be posting a summary and highlights of the program, and I will update my descriptions as my understanding improves.  It is based on a “cycle” of nutritional and exercise patterns, such that the body does not adapt (read: retain fat for “survival”) in response to any of the specific implementations.  The first week is a “primer”, and represents the first cycle.  This is the one I just finished a couple days ago, and I literally sloughed off eight pounds in the first 7 days.

I will be posting daily updates, and weekly pictures of myself as “proof” of progress.

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Warmest Regards,

Randy Johnson