When it comes to looking at labels, most people only pay attention to 3 things:

- Carbs
- Proteins
- Fats

But within each of those categories are “other” ingredients.

And believe it or not the FDA uses a loophole to APPROVE the use of different toxic chemicals in all the health foods you buy and eat.

After spending very little time testing the effect of a certain water contaminant, pesticide or GMO food on rats, they give the toxic chemical what’s called a “GRAS” status (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Simply put: Nutrition labels are NOT REQUIRED by the FDA to tell you the TRUTH about certain
ingredients contained in your food.

According to my main man, Nicky P – the Nutrition Nerd, a study from LabelGMOS.org, 64 countries worldwide have banned or require GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) labeling on all food items.

Reason why?

They have been proven to cause HARMFUL side effects.

Unfortunately, the FDA continues to leave consumers in the dark since they refused to sign
a petition requiring all foods to have a label on them stating if they are GMO or not.

In other words, YOU will continue to be left in the DARK as to whether or not the foods you eat are good for you or if they are RUINING your health, unless you find an alternate solution.

For example:

- Did you know the Blue #1 artificial color in your Gatorade used to be made out of coal…
now they use synthetic oil instead.
Yes, you heard it right. The same kind that you put in your car!

- There is a contaminant in your tap water that’s banned for use in the country where it’s produced…

- The new artificial sweetener in town that’s potentially dozens of times worse than Aspartame…

And that’s just a taste of what you’ll learn inside the Newly Released 101 TOXIC Food Ingredients
They Never Told You About.

I was so impressed with what I learned inside my friend Anthony Alayon’s new product, that I even helped him name the product.

==> 101 TOXIC Food Ingredients They Never Told You About

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