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I received this email from Dr. Steven Sisskind of RealDose Nutrition after my latest purchase of the RealDose Omega-3 TG.  If you don’t feel like reading anything, just watch THIS VIDEO to get the gist of his point.


Dear Randy,

Now that you have been consuming Super Critical Omega-3 TG, I want to let you know how much your body thanks you.

These beautiful golden capsules (yes I am extremely proud) are helping reduce inflammation in your body… leading to better heart health, more brainpower, less pain, and a smaller waistline.

It helps to keep this in mind so you don’t miss a dose.

It also helps to understand more about what you are taking…

That’s why I made a fun video about the benefits of Omega-3′s in TG form that includes a cool experiment. You can even try this at home to amaze your friends! (Well maybe not amaze, but it can be kind of fun.)

Watch The Styrofoam Cup Video Now

Last time I promised to tell you the number one obstacle people have when meeting their health goals (as determined by the RealDose Healthy Life team).

What’s your guess? Our answer might surprise you.

Are You Too Busy for Health?

The biggest obstacle we find is that folks are just too busy to do the right things for their health. And I can relate…

With four young children, I work very hard, and can honestly say that lack of time is my biggest struggle in keeping my health at an optimum level.

So here are some tricks you can use to stay trim, healthy and sane.

Trick One: Meals Ahead of Time

My main tool for fighting “busy-ness” is preparing meals ahead of time. In our family, we make big batches of super nutritious vegetable and bean soups; very low in calories and full of protein and nutrients.

Two nights a week we make 3 batches of soup that all taste different. Each round lasts 3-4 days. When we are hungry we just go to the fridge, heat up the soup and eat!

You can also cut up raw vegetables to keep around for a quick snack. The trick is finding healthy foods you like and having them ready to eat at a moment’s notice.

Trick Two: Restaurant Rules

Restaurants can be a nightmare, as portions can be too big and there are usually lots of unhealthy options. So it’s good to create rules before you go out. First, always start with a salad… as big as possible so you aren’t tempted by the huge entrees. For your entrée, order lean meat and a vegetable. And for desert, order berries instead of cake.

Also, stay away from the bread and chips most restaurants serve before the meal. If you find yourself at a fast food restaurant… try to order the salad with a lean meat. It’s usually available.

Trick Three: Meal Replacement Supplements

When you are in a hurry and don’t have time to prepare a meal, or are in a rush to get out the door… I find that meal supplement powders are a godsend.

Just add water, mix and go. A lot of my busy friends and family keep healthy and lean by using high quality formulas… especially in the morning.

Use a formula that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and also make sure it’s nutrient dense and free of artificial ingredients. I prefer whey protein from grass-fed cows for quality reasons. I will go more into this at a later date.

Trick Four: Efficient Exercise

Finding time to exercise is difficult, especially if you are addicted to hour-long workouts. There is, however, a way to exercise more efficiently and lose more weight than you would by exercising longer.

I will go into more detail on this in a little over week, so stay tuned.

Hopefully these tricks will help you alleviate the “too busy to be healthy” syndrome that is plaguing the western world.

Here’s to your good health!

Dr. Steve
Steven Sisskind, M.D.

P.S. Tune in next time and I will share the meal replacement supplement we created here at RealDose. We simply couldn’t find one that met our standards so we formulated one that did.